Blank Pages

Writer’s block is horrendous. I only say that because when starting this blog off I stared at a blank page for a little over twenty-four hours before finally writing something down. It’s a blog! How hard can it be? Pretty difficult apparently.

I suppose it doesn’t help having multiple things I need to write at once. How many things could I really have to write? Well let me tell you, I’m an English major, and that essentially describes what many would consider a self-proclaimed hell of being smothered beneath piles of reading material and forced to write until your hands cramp up…or fall off.

But it’s worth it.

Half, no most, of my friends think I’m crazy, but that’s only because they don’t understand. In spite of the looks I get walking back from the library with piles of books, the teasing of my roommates when I stay up til odd hours of the night finishing a paper, and the amount of mental and physical suffering I endure, I enjoy my life as an English major.

For me opening a book is opening a door to a whole new world. I sometimes get so lost within the words that it can be hard to move back to normal life afterwards and I think for my favorite books a piece of myself always gets trapped between the pages and I am doomed to forever need to return to that work in order to feel complete.

Writing is also a gateway into something new. It’s a form of expression I do not have when I speak. I have time to carefully craft the words together as I wish. Writing is an art, and then only possible comparison I have to feeling so free to express is when I sit down at the piano and simply play from my heart.

Well, enough romantic language, all I am trying to say is that it is the love of the English language that makes my soul sing. However, I have significantly strayed off my original topic.

Writer’s block.

So, after bumbling my way around I have efficiently escaped my nemesis and can proceed onwards in my writing. So perhaps an introduction is in order.

My name is Emily Moore and I am an English major and French minor at George Fox University. In my spare time, when I am not pursuing the fantastic worlds of literature, I play violin and piano, mentor a younger student, and spend time with friends or family.

So just a few random facts about me:


I was born in Iowa but was raised in Idaho (two of the four I states).

It is very difficult for me to name a favorite book and I tend to give a list instead.

I am the daughter of a college professor and an elementary school teacher (you can imagine my happy childhood full of education even in my spare time).

I have written two books but need to polish and edit before considering publishing.

I have traveled to over 13 countries and more than half the states.

Though not a tea fanatic like my roommates, I do enjoy a nice cup of plain black tea while reading a good book by the fire.


Ah, and that last comment got me thinking about the title of my blog. I suppose I should clarify for those wondering. This blog is merely a collection of thoughts and writings from a young English major. It will not really discuss tea in much detail, unless I happen to be drinking some while writing, or it somehow fits with my topic.

So here’s how the name came to be. In some ways me writing is a bit like making tea (please bear with the awful analogy for a moment). When I write I warm up my brain, start getting ideas going. Once I have my ideas selected they need to brew and develop a bit. And then of course I can spill them out into a cup (or a blog if you will) where the world can enjoy if they wish to do so. Admittedly my tea does not always come out right. Sometimes it doesn’t brew quite long enough. Other times it perhaps brews a little too long, giving it an overwhelming strength that others might not like. So as you delve into my blog, please understand that I write this as a simple collection of the thoughts that spill from my brain about English, writing, life and whatever else may occupy my attention.

That’s probably about it. I look forward to posting again, I just have to give myself enough time to face those daunting blank pages.



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2 responses to “Blank Pages

  1. Daunting is right! I personally loved your analogy of tea and I have experienced both types; the one that does not brew hardly at all, and the tea that sits over night and is strong enough to kill. I have also experienced both of these “types of tea” in writing, though more often than not, I don’t allow my thoughts to develop long enough.So I totally understand your analogy. I had no idea you have written two books, totally awesome!!!!

  2. Wow, I just have to say that I love the title of your blog and the title of this post!! They’re both clever and intriguing, which is why I really wanted to read your blog first out of all the others. Creative titles are essential for writing, they’re what make people want to read your work!! Great job, I look forward to reading your other posts!!

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