Life as a Wordsmith

Sometimes words just leap off a page at me. I suppose that is natural with how much reading and writing I do, but I still never cease to be amazed when I find pure joy in a simple word or phrase.

My mother has always told me I’m a wordsmith, someone who carefully crafts words together. As a result I suppose seeing beautiful crafting fills me with delight. So I thought I’d share with my blog and see if others feel the same way.

When I was in fifth grade I won a thesaurus because of the obvious joy I took in learning new words. I still have it, a thick Webster Thesaurus that predates good internet. As a girl I used to love flipping through it to find the perfect word. I still love internet searching for one, though it’s never quite the same as swiping my fingers across the numerous pages of my thesaurus. Still, I can spend quite a lot of time simply looking for the right words.

And beyond writing I find myself searching words and phrasing when I read too, even for pleasure. Dickens is one of my favorite authors for that reason, because I love the way he describes things, the clever way he puts his sentences together to form something brilliant.

I don’t know if others experience this, but it is a simple joy I take in everyday life. A shiver runs down my spine when I get the right combination and form a gorgeous sentence.

This was my latest one that made me sincerely happy. The wording “confines of her heart” has been on my mind for a while. It resonates somewhere inside me I suppose. So today I carefully slipped those words into a bit of my book. Voila, the final product:

“Geneva considered for a moment. Alright was an interesting term and she wasn’t really sure what qualified her being so. Physically she was fine. A little sore perhaps but certainly not in pain. Mentally and emotionally, however she felt as though someone had released a storm into her very soul. Parts of herself felt wounded and exposed. Her emotions were scattered and she was desperately trying to tuck them back where they belonged within the confines of her heart.”

So there you have it. My random thoughts of the day on the joys of writing and the fun of forming the right sentence.

What is something you enjoy doing in your writing? Do you like taking time to find the perfect words? Any thoughts on the best ways to write beautifully?

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