Finding Effective Modern Tools

In the last few days I’ve been considering some of the amazing modern tools writers have available. The internet in itself is a marvelous tool full of material for writers to use and explore. It’s full of information for research, dictionaries, thesauruses, grammar guides, etc.

The two tools I’ve been enjoying recently are not specifically intended for writing. The first is music devices such as Itunes and Spotify. With these I’ve been enjoying creating playlists to fuel my writing. Sometimes I just stick to soundtrack that seems to fit my mood, something sinister, or something light and happy. However, other times I’ve enjoyed finding songs that fit the themes or ideas. I find listening to music increases my emotional ability, making me more understanding of my characters and better able to portray their wild feelings.

The second tool is pinterest. When I’m stumped on what to write I have found it useful to explore photography to garner inspiration. I’ve even created an inspiration board full of pictures that seem to want their own story or want a place in my writing. You can find my board here if you’d like to see for yourself. I invite you to start your own if you’re a pinterest user! It’s good to practice writing, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. A board full of pictures can be very useful.

DeviantART has also been helpful in creating my characters. I love finding pictures there, especially of interesting looking people. I find I can get so much more of a visual of someone if I can stare into a real face for inspiration.

These are my latest uses of modern technology towards my writing. What are some of yours? Any helpful websites or other tools you’d like to share?


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