Holding onto Hope for Hogwarts

My roommate’s sister got her wisdom teeth out yesterday and the subsequent effects of painkillers were hilarious, causing her to believe she was going to Hogwarts. I have now become dedicated to making sure everyone sees this video because it makes me laugh so much.

As a huge Harry Potter fan I had to share this video and the hope of that magical wizard school. Many of us stopped dreaming of getting our owl when we turned twelve. There was a sense of despair, a reality setting in. It was right in our brink of the teenage life, the time we’d be changing into adults and gradually leaving childhood fantasy behind.

But that joy that Hogwarts and Harry’s adventures can always stay with us…especially with the help of meds apparently. So I share this video to make you readers laugh and to remind you of that joy and hope of Hogwarts letters.

This was mostly for fun, but as someone who never has lost hope of finding that magic I love in fantasy books, I suppose her excitement “going to Hogwarts” really makes me happy. I remember the point where I stopped knocking on the back of wardrobes as a child realizing I’d never go to Narnia. And yet some sense of joy still lingers in me at the memory of my experiences in that world. And I have never fully lost hope that there is something greater out there.

Anyhow, as I said…mostly just me feeling a need to laugh during finals week.

What hopes and dreams did books instill in you as a kid? How anxious were you for a letter to Hogwarts?


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4 responses to “Holding onto Hope for Hogwarts

  1. I want my wisdom tooth pulled out just so I can imagine going to Hogwarts. Haha!

  2. Books at a young age taught me to always have faith!

    They’re a lot of people who grow cynical and say that I’m naive about holding onto my aspirations.

    The stories growing up really taught me that it will be hard on the journey but if you can hold on it’ll always be worth it!

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