Creativity Isn’t Cheap

So unfortunately writers can’t always keep their creative energy running. Some people probably think it’s a renewable resource that is continually there whenever the writer needs it. However, this is often not the case.

Whether it’s writer’s block or just lack of motivation, we can’t always write no matter how much we might want to. Famous authors have struggled with it throughout time even if they managed to try to keep a regular schedule that most writers try so hard to achieve.

I’m going through one of those periods when I just don’t feel like writing, there’s no motivation, I stare at a page and wonder why I’m even doing this. And the sad thing is I have a month off before I go study abroad, and it’s my last chance to write in English before a semester spent in French.

So in my attempt to try to garner some creativity I thought I’d write a few good tips for fighting writer’s block or writer’s lack of inspiration.

1. Take a break- There’s only so far you can force yourself. So, in an effort to preserve precious time and energy try walking away for a bit and coming back later.

2. Find a creative zone- For me long walks or warm showers are great places to just start thinking over possible plot problems or just get creative energy going. Find a place where you feel that you can best get thinking.

3. Read- Sometimes picking up a good book is a good way to take a rest from writing while still keeping a creative mind set, looking over new story ideas, getting your energy going.

4. Other mediums- Get involved in other types of art whether it’s just observing, or participating. Try painting, theater, music, dancing, pottery, or film, or something else entirely. See if maybe another form of creativity might bring you back to writing. I love watching movies or looking at visual art to get me inspired again.

5. Talk to someone- If you have someone who you trust well enough, try working out a troubling plot point with them, or talking about what you could possibly work on to get yourself motivated again. Sometimes they don’t even have to give suggestions, just be there to listen as you sort through your mental processes.

6. Try a different form- If you’re stuck on a novel maybe blog for a bit (like me right now). If you can’t seem to find that right way to finish an essay then write a poem about your frustrations. Keep writing but change it up.

7. Give yourself some grace- Remember that all writers have dry spells. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you simply can’t get yourself to write…unless you’re on a time schedule…then you might want to make sure to finish.

So as I struggle through this period where I just can’t write any of my novels, I hope to try to keep up blogging and maybe get some good ideas from you.

Any suggestions from my readers on good ways go get past writer’s block or writer’s lack of motivation? I always love more suggestions.

PS: A little more than 2 weeks left for me to speak English. I will try my best to keep some good posts coming for the rest of my time in the States.

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