Writer’s Block is the Worst

So…my readers are likely sitting in awe of the fact that I’m putting out my first post in months. I guess what’s really incredible is the fact that I promised several posts on my other blog that never happened. So…I’m trying to get back on here some and work on that.

I suppose what is kind of obvious about this is I’ve been dealing with writer’s block lately and it’s made it hard to get on and post, let alone do any real writing. So I’d like to put up a comic that I completely related to as a writer to apologize to all who were hoping for reading material. Pearls Before Swine is one of my favorite comic strips ever, and this particular one beautifully illustrates my easy procrastination methods every time I get on the computer. Hopefully this will be the start of a new plethora of blogging ideas but no guarantees. In the meantime, I love each and every one of my supporters and hope they’ll forgive me for this inspiration drought. Let’s just hope new ideas start sprouting soon.

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