A Great Book

Feeling in the mood to add some images to the recent writing spur. Here’s a pinterest find.


What are some great books you’ve lived in? What makes a great book?


October 4, 2014 · 9:12 AM

2 responses to “A Great Book

  1. Two of my favourite books are Frankenstein and Dracula.
    Michael Crichton was one of my favourite writers that I would buy any new book without question. I liked the plausible scenarios he created from almost impossible science or situations, although my favourite of his books is Airframe. The core idea in that one is the search for the truth in a given situation, in this case, a mysterious airplane disaster that wrecked the interior of the plane, caused several deaths – all during a flight – while the exterior of the plane remained pristine. There’s also the added complication of news reporter in search of a hatchet job story.
    My current favourite writer is Greg Rucka.

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