Goals Needed, Help!

So I want to address some struggles I’ve had lately. I may try to detail them more vividly in a later blog, but for now I’ll just mention I’ve been having a very hard time nailing down any sort of novel idea and feel rather unfocused in terms of my writing direction. This is made all the more difficult by my decision to have a daily writing goal each and every day.

I’ve participated in October Writing diligently, writing 500 words daily and tweeting and logging my word counts without fail. I’ve even written by hand at times when I haven’t had a computer. And this month has showed excellent progress, and yet it hasn’t exactly taken me where I’d hoped.

I had hoped this might get me out of my little writing slump where I feel incapable of coming up with any new ideas or making any progress on current ones. I was wrong. I still have failed to truly rid myself of this troubling problem.

My participation has not faltered. I’ve written at least 500 words everyday. Sometimes it’s been blog posts (some of which have not been published). Sometimes it’s been poetry. Other days it’s been trying to get a bit of novel out one way or another. But I suppose blogging has been one of my bigger projects, and I’ve appreciated having the challenge to allow me to focus.

Nonetheless I still feel something’s missing in spite of my diligence this month. And that is concentration. I’d like to actually buckle down and finish a project. I’d like to stay focused on a goal and see it through. And I know myself well enough to know if I have readership I’ll focus better on something, which is part of the reason blogging has been more successful for me lately (thanks to my wonderful readers).

So, in light of wanting to concentrate more fully, I’d like to ask readers to vote on what they’d like to see more of in this blog. And with that in mind maybe I’ll have more of a goal to work towards.

For a novel excerpt example see here: Braving a New Frontier- First Page Review

For a poetry example see here: Perched upon the Window Sill- a poem

For a writing prompt example see here: One Little Change- a Writing Prompt

For a short story example (also a writing prompt) see here: Soaring- A Writing Prompt

For movie/book thoughts example see here: Easy Analysis: the Reasons Hawthorne Still Shows up in Hollywood

For writing advice see here: What’s in a Name?

For anything not listed in the poll feel free to comment or add your own.


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4 responses to “Goals Needed, Help!

  1. You know, this may not be helpful at all, but I’ve found that the drive to write is actually satiated no matter WHAT I’m writing. It’s just the act of writing itself that fulfills whatever that need in me is. (Quote from my book bag: “When the itch of literature comes over a man, nothing can cure it but the scratching of a pen. Samuel Lover 1797-1868) Thusly, if I’m writing every day on here, I am far less likely to work in my private journal or sit down seriously with my story. It seems for me a little bit goes a long way. Is it possible you need a week of writing nothing, of not even getting on here or journaling to give the desire time to build back up again? I’ve often wondered that for myself.

    Or maybe you could resort to the “energy” method. Make a list of as many things as you can think of that you’re passionate about. Choose one with the most energy for you and write something about it. A mystery. A fantasy piece. Could be you just haven’t been able to tap into your true interest yet. I’ve realized the last two weeks that trying to blog every day is a huge responsibility. I’m not sure I like it all that much. Tends to kind of squash any creativity. Am thinking it’s not my thing.

    • Yes there is something good in just writing, but I have been doing so every day and still don’t feel satisfied. I would like to give myself some direction. Thanks for your suggestions though! And yes blogging everyday is hard.

  2. Hi Emily. I guess you’ve already had it—’from school assignment . . . pastime’, sounds like some ‘passion’ to me. Just stick with it. And better still, pin down any motives you must have had: why? Then I guess you’ll just recognize things that interest you most (in whatever sense).
    Happy blogging. 🙂

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