Finding the “Write” Place

Am I going to lecture you on setting? I could. However, I find more important than finding the proper setting for your story, is finding the proper setting for you as a writer. So here are some important factors to consider when picking a location for writing.


Example 1: Natural setting with table and chairs

1. How easily distracted are you? This is a key element of choosing a writing setting. If you’re someone who is chatty, maybe limit your contact with people, if you’re someone who finds noises irritating, maybe keep headphones for less distracting music, or try finding a more tranquil environment. It’s all about you as a person.

2. The Internet Question For some writers, the internet is a trap, something that will pull them away from their creativity into countless hours of Youtube or pointless games or too much time scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, or who knows what other social media site. However, for others they can avoid such and keep their internet for use of research or other handy writer tools. If you’re the former, I recommend doing research ahead of time and then going somewhere outside of a wifi network if possible to write.


Example 2: Natural setting, lounging

3. Comfort vs. Focus In one of my first writing classes I was told that as a writer you should be comfortable while writing. And I often find this method is useful, but sometimes it lacks the disciplined feeling that I need to really get work done. So it’s always a toss up. Write on my bed and feel comfy and relaxed, or write at a desk or table sitting upright, feeling more focused and ready to go. Both can yield results, it just depends what I’m looking for.

Example 3: The organized desk setting

Example 3: The organized desk setting

4. Brainstorm Shortfalls A few months ago I was setting in to finish my novel and posted a photo of my writer’s den on Facebook. I thought I had everything I needed: coffee, tissues, granola bars. However, my close friend commented reminding me of one crucial element I’d forgotten: chocolate! All jokes aside, keep in mind what you might need for writing for a long time. Be it food or drinks or money to purchase those if need be. Sunscreen for sunny days outdoors, or a jacket if it gets chilly. Brainstorm what you’ll need so you have no excuses once in place to leave.

Writing den fixed up with chocolate to keep me going!

Example 4: Writing den fixed up with chocolate to keep me going!

5. Inspirational Material Maybe you feel inspired sitting on the beach. Maybe it’s out in a grassy park. Maybe you like that coffee shop environment or even just a restaurant setting with people around you, energy to feed off of throughout. This goes hand in hand with my next suggestion

6. Define the Mood Maybe what you need is to get into the mood of what you’re writing. Put yourself into a place where you feel ready to write about something like this. Serene and tranquil- go enjoy that quiet park. Action packed and tense- Busy cafe or bench in the middle of downtown. Try to pull these into your considerations. Change it up, don’t write in the same place if it makes you write the same way every time.


Example 5: Natural setting, minimal comfort

7. Your Personal Soundtrack Maybe you need music to focus. Again, pick something that fits what you’re looking for in your work. Maybe intense film score, or a pop song for that angsty breakup scene. Maybe you want to get some nature noises to listen to if you’re stuck inside and need to attain some of the nature scene you’re looking for. Or maybe quiet is what you’re looking for. In which case, find a place that gives you that.

The main thing is to limit your possible distractions, put yourself in the mood to write, and find the best place to inspire your creativity! Keep these factors in mind if you can. The right place can be crucial to giving you the results you want.

Where and when do you write? What factors do you think are most important?


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10 responses to “Finding the “Write” Place

  1. I redid my son’s old room as a library, office thinking this was what I had always hankered after as a writer. Imagine my surprise when the smallness of the place made me feel like I couldn’t breathe. It’s great for letter writing or reading, but not for creativity. So I write out in the living room where I can fill my lungs with air.

    My favorite music to write to? The Conan the Barbarian soundtrack!

    • That’s fantastic! Love your soundtrack choice and I can understand how a kind of “claustrophobia” could be a problem in certain rooms. 🙂

  2. The Happy Typewriter

    No internet is definitely a plus for me! It’s way too distracting.

    • Agreed! I just need to make sure to look up everything I need, or make notes if I need to look something up later. Way too much temptation for me to handle. 🙂

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  4. Reblogged this on Charity Langley and commented:
    IT’S A TRAP! (The Internet that is) 😉

  5. i love to write while riding on a train. Don’t ask me why, though. Maybe it’s the moving. Maybe the nature around me? The noises? I don’t know. But i wrote some of my best and favourite stories/lines while going from university to home or back. 🙂

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