Reading Challenges: To Do or Not?

I ran across this fantastic reading challenge on Pinterest:


And it made me instantly want to start working on the challenge. These last few months I’ve been using a writing challenge to help me stay motivated on writing. Thanks to the help from that, I’ve written more than 20,000 words on my novel, kept up on weekly blog posts, written a few short stories (or attempts really), and done much more. Challenges are great motivation, and if I wasn’t an insanely busy student maybe I would start trying to do this.

I think what I mostly liked was the uniqueness of this challenge. It’s not a classics list or a list of teen fiction or anything of that sort. It can include books you enjoy, genres you like best. I think the adaptability of this challenge is great, because it keeps with the main point of trying to keep reading regularly to be a better writer, to be a better person. A writer can always use further inspiration, better examples of fiction. And a person can always use life inspiration and a little bit of fiction or nonfiction to brighten his or her day.

My goal this year is 40 books with 13 done so far! So considering I’ll need at least 26 more books maybe I’m going to try this one if I won’t go too crazy doing so. Anyone else have a goal this year? Anyone else want to join me on trying this challenge?


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3 responses to “Reading Challenges: To Do or Not?

  1. Well I might actually try to come up with a list. Whether I can get them all read or not is anyone’s guess. I’m either hit or miss. I read 24 last year. But I read several others a second time I don’t usually count them. It’s an interesting challenge just to come up with the list.

    • That’s tough to know if reading a second time counts. I tend to do so anyways, even if that might seem like cheating. Thanks for stopping by!

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