Book Challenge 9: A Book With a Color in the Title

So, for my next book I decided to skip a little bit again since this is another relatively new book that will have to go back to the library sooner. My choice for this unusual challenge was a book recommended to me by a twitter follower: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.

The story is about Mare Barrow, a girl raised in poverty due to her blood color: Red. In her world those who have silver blood are prized. They live with privilege and often have impressive powers they wield over the reds. However, Mare finds herself to be more special than she had realized before when she accidentally displays powers of her own in front of the royal family. Determined to protect themselves from further danger, the royals make a plan to hide her amongst them, engaging her to one of the princes. Mare must figure out where she belongs, deciding if she will fight beside her fellow Reds or if she will allow the Silver privilege to become her new destiny.

I really enjoyed this novel over all. I wouldn’t call it great in terms of writing style or wholly original, but it was a fun and easy read. I thought the plot was largely enjoyable, quite suspenseful in a few places, though a bit predictable in others. Really it seems like kind of a blend of some of the other distopian fiction that is so popular right now, though I enjoyed the mixture of having sort of a feudal system amongst all the more modern aspects. It definitely reads more fantasy than some of the other books I’ve read of this sort of genre. I have also particularly appreciated that so far romance hasn’t been the main focus. It has a place in the story, but it’s not the main plot, which is how I think it should be.

Anyhow, if you enjoyed The Hunger Games or Divergent or books that involve kings and queens and battles for power I think this might be a good book for you. If anyone else has read it let me know what you think!

What’s your favorite book with a color in the title? Do you have one? Have you read any books that would meet this challenge?

Here is a book challenge I did not make. Click it to find the original source.

Here is a book challenge I did not make. Click it to find the original source.

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26 responses to “Book Challenge 9: A Book With a Color in the Title

  1. I recently finished reading “A Study in Scarlet” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I love the Sherlock Holmes stories in general, but I especially like how we meet Sherlock for the first time in this one. He’s so enthusiastic but also cynical at the same time–I love trying to figure him out!

    • I need to buckle down and read some Sherlock Holmes sometime. I’ve loved most movie and television renditions I’ve watched so I’m quite certain I’d enjoy reading about him too. Great answer for the color question! That would definitely work. Thank you for commenting!

      • Of course! In case you don’t know, there are some great short Holmes mysteries if you don’t have time to start something too big. 🙂

      • My family owns a complete collection of all of the Holmes works, so I’m sure I could dig in there and find something. Sometimes I forget to check what I actually have on my shelf before I go to the library. But with your comment in mind I’ll definitely have to remember next time!

  2. Good heavens, girlfriend! You must be a really fast reader! I do have a favorite along these lines: The Color Purple. LOVED that book.

    • I think that’s on my to read list so I’ll have to check it out at some point. And if the book is a pretty simple teen fiction one I can usually polish it off in a few hours. Just depends on the book really!

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