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For History Buffs, English Nerds, or People Who Like British Accents

I haven’t read a lot by Phillipa Gregory. She is well known for The Other Boleyn Girl. The only book that I remember reading by her was The White Queen. If you’ve heard anything about the British king (Richard III) found under the parking lot in recent news that’s the era her book was set in.

She is a wonderful historical writer who does an excellent job of creating a story from historical events. As she states in the video, her work is based on years and years of research and education. As a result her books are well written, elaborate in plot, and dense in history.

For a British history nerd like myself she is a dream come true and I can only hope to have more time over the summer and spring break to read her other works.

I think the element I liked best in her video was her solution to stop writers block. I have not had an opportunity to try it but I have experienced very strong inspiration while on walks with my own dog, so I suspect her suggestion is a good one.

The other fact I found interesting about her was that she can write anywhere. During our classes study of writers most have said that solitude is where they get their best work done. Gregory is quite the opposite. She says she can write anywhere, just as she could read anywhere. I have to admit I am with Gregory on this. I certainly may be more focused if I write in solitude but I write in airports, the dining hall, my noisy dorm, and while watching a movie. I think the choice of solitude just depends on the individual writer. I admire Gregory for being able to pursue writing wherever she is.

So, I hope this gave you some good insight into what the writing process looks like for a published author (especially a historical one).

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