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No Rest for the Writer

As I’ve been spending the summer working and vacationing it has been interesting to try to find the time to write. In terms of this blog I have been failing at keeping up. Thankfully, in terms of writing for myself I have not.

One of the interesting aspects of the life of a writer is discovering a balance between working and relaxing. So often I’ve heard published authors say their dedication to writing is a daily practice and that they are diligent in pursuing their craft every single day. Of course, on the other hand I’ve discovered that the task can be tiresome and also have found other problems alongside.

On vacation I almost always take my laptop, or if not I take some paper. I do try my best to find the time to write even when I’m not in my normal schedule, but I’m beginning to wonder if this is the right idea. Is there no time that should be a break from writing? Should it be a constant pursuit.

Below is a picture of me typing on my laptop by the pool. At the time it seemed important to get one more chapter finished, but looking back I wonder if I should have spent more time enjoying the moment.

What is your opinion on this tricky puzzle? Should a writer take time to rest, or should they make sure to practice each and every day? I have yet to find a real solution, but I look forward to hearing what you have to say. In short, how much work is too much work?



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