What’s in my Cup?

It strikes me as odd that I don’t have a little section dedicated to what I write. I suppose it’s about time I added one. So voila, I reveal to you some of the contents of my cup.

I mostly write fantasy. It’s my first true love when it comes to literature, and therefore I dabble in it regularly. However, I do occasionally try my hand at other genres as well, realistic fiction, sci-fi, historical, allegorical, children’s, young adult, etc.

Currently Brewing:

Worthy of Death

Marzanna has known of the day she will die since she was a young girl. She tries to accept her fate, hoping for martyrdom or some other meaningful end, becoming almost obsessed with death as she enters into her freshman year. Her roommate Liv has had a near death experience and lives life in constant fear, pondering her surreal experience without understanding. The bond between the two brings up complicated emotions from the both as Marzanna begins to try to realize her “sainthood” end will probably devastate her new friend who clearly needs her. The two young women’s diaries recount Marzanna’s supposed last months, Marzanna telling in the moment and Liv recreating in the aftermath. Together they reflect on the meaning of life and death as they experience the prime of youth in the first year of college.

Past Selections:

The Tale of the Rose– The Order of the Rose book 1

Katherine is a duchess of a magical kingdom named Rhydderch who decides to become a pirate in order to avoid an arranged marriage. However, upon discovering that her choices are gravely affecting her kingdom she tries to return, only to be accused of crimes she hasn’t committed and sentenced to death by being abandoned upon a rowboat in the middle of the sea with three other criminals. She struggles through various adventures all while trying to decide whether her own happiness or that of her kingdom is more important.

Freedom– The Order of the Rose book 3

At thirteen Geneva is captured while playing in the woods with her friend Charles who she considers to be her true love. The two are sold into slavery and separated, though both vow to try to find one another again. But by the time they come into contact again they both are vastly different people. She is a famous prostitute and he is a thief and killer. Both have made the most of their situations, even having been forced into careers they never desired. Though both wish to keep those oaths they spoke as children, it becomes clear that there relationship cannot quite ever be the same. However, in order to enter back into proper society both must somehow reconcile their awful pasts and in doing so may have to make sacrifices they might not otherwise have made.

A Battle for Love– The Order of the Rose book 9

Matthew is a young boy whose father, Nikolai, is a bastard prince, born as a product of rape. The two live on the road struggling with the stigma of Nikolai’s birth, taking up work wherever they can. When the prince is contacted to help keep an eye on possible cheaters in a local tournament, Matthew comes along. However, the younger man is struck by the beauty of a maid while there and in order to impress her decides to pretend to be a noble so he can enter the tournament thanks to the knowledge he has of noble affairs from his family. But after joining, Matthew finds out the contest is for the hand of a princess, and that if he wins, and thereby impresses his maid, he will be forced to marry another, and if he loses he fears he will lose her respect as not being an adequate enough man. Stuck in several well-placed lies, and struggling to both help his father and avoid being caught, the Matthew is utterly unsure of how to proceed, and comedic adventure ensues.

The Lotus– The Order of the Rose book ? (unplaced in the canon)

Nalin grew up in an dysfunctional home with a witch for an adopted mother. At a very young age she curses him with a handsome face that is not his own in a scheme for power. In an effort to get away he flees to a life on the streets. He is abused and mistreated, loved only for his looks and even  hated by some who assume they know his origins. With such a rough past, Nalin believes that no one could love him for who he really is. As Nalin struggles with a crazed man out to make his life miserable, a mysterious kidnapper who is determined to snatch him, a curse that appears to be eating away at his life, and several people who’ve used him for their own benefit, one single hope emerges. A person who seems to promise to love him no matter what he looks like. But things are not as easy as they might seem. Many obstacles still stand in Nalin’s way. He must journey to get back his own body, to discover his roots, and more than anything to find the one who loves him most.

Fair and True

Fin Verity is a freelance journalist determined to find a story and distract himself from the pain of a recent hardship. In his wanderings looking for both answers and distractions, he runs into an old story about a haunted house and several brutal murders that took place within. However, upon going to investigate, he finds not only unexplainable occurrences, but two young women living in the nearby woods, who are determined to help him in his quest if he’ll help them in theirs. Suddenly pulled into a mystery from the past, an adventure spoken of in prophecies, and a dark curse laid on the forest, Fin work to help his new friends while slowly reconciling the issues that come to haunt him from his past.

7 responses to “What’s in my Cup?

  1. They all sound potentially terrific. I’m really drawn to “Fair and True,” however. It feels really grounded to me.

    • Thank you, Fair and True is my most “mature” work, written the latest and worked on the longest. I jokingly refer to it as my senior thesis since it combines a lot of different elements I learned about in college. 🙂 Makes sense it sounds better than the others.

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  3. You don’t sound like you want to be confined to a genre. I know the feeling. It’s one of the reasons, I’m so fascinated by Mozart. Everyone wanted him to focus in one musical area. He wanted to do it all.

    • I dabble in as many areas as I can. And no, I’d rather not be confined to one area when there are so many amazing genres out there each with their own unique qualities.

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